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Win New Customers Overseas

BorderX Lab lets any size company sell cross-border via it's innovative technology and social marketing. American and European brands can now easily sell to China and beyond via our popular e-commerce marketplaces.

别样, The Beyond APP
The e-commerce marketplace for China. Trusted by both merchants and shoppers

BorderX Lab's first product, Beyond (or 别样, pronounced "bie-yang"), is an app that allows global Chinese shoppers enjoy a safe and authentic shopping experience of top tier North American and European retailers and brands. With cutting edge big data and personalizations, Beyond brings new customer activation for brands along with a scalable product fulfillment operation. 

Daily original content gives shoppers

a reason to come back often and buy. Our shoppers spend 25 minutes each day browsing our content.

More than 14 million loyal shoppers trust

our recommendations to make informed purchases and find the best new products and brands to try.

50% of our sales come 

directly from original content. 

Start Earning New Revenue From Day One

Over 100 leading brands and retailers have joined BorderX and earned millions of dollars in new revenue from sales in China. 

Go live in less than 2 weeks and see a 3x improvement in conversion rate from international shoppers through our safe and secure platform. 

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