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Beyond Global Marketplace 

China's e-commerce market is the world’s biggest and is over 3x the size of the U.S. It’s also a market that has a high demand for foreign products. In fact, 40% of Chinese shoppers regularly purchase international brands. 


Unfortunately for small and medium sized brands, marketing in China is out of reach. Chinese e-commerce platforms require significant upfront costs and long-term tie ups with Chinese partners.


Our new Beyond Global Marketplace initiative allows brands to use an English-language interface and tools to quickly place their products on our app and begin selling.


Our system instantly enables your China-related business with logistics, customs clearance, product translation, Chinese payment integration, and customer care. Merchants need only to manage their products in our system and maintain orders and shipments.  


Start BGM now

We aim to add 150-200 brands, sellers and boutiques to our self-serve platform in 2020.

Early adopters will be awarded a marketing brand-activation package to help get them started on our cross-border marketplace. 

Integrate with BGM


Getting started is easy, it's a simple three step process


1. Apply

2. Upload product details

3. Start selling

Content Placements

Launching stage/kick start package for Month 1

- Banner

- New merchant announcement and introduction with product recommendations

- Push notification


After launch, merchants can buy content, placements, influencers, DSP and other marketing as a monthly package or as individual items.


BGM Merchant Application


We will contact you within 24 hours after submission

2.What is your product category?
3.What are your annual sales?
4.Type of business?
10.Preferred contact method*

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BGM Merchant Application
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