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What is the BorderX Lab Cloud Store?

A tech solution with ready-to-go merchant partnerships that transforms any business into an e-commerce marketplace

  • Partnerships with leading global retailers and brands

  • Order & Product APIs built to allow product listing and frictionless ordering

  • Hosted cart technology that allows universal checkout and international payment solutions

  • End-to-end global logistics including first mile, warehouse network, freight forwarding, customs clearance and last mile delivery

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Our APIs painlessly add ecommerce functionality to your business

  • 3 kinds of APIs (catalog, checkout, and logistics) used over 8 years on our Beyond Shopping app and several clients 

  • Catalog - provides inventory and pricing information

  • Checkout - allows seamless purchases on global websites

  • Logistics - provide tracking data or products shipments and returns

Gain access to our vast network of merchants and industry connections

  • Access 400+ merchants, 8000+ brands, and over 15,000,000 SKUs in our app 

  • Whitelisting customized to clients’ needs

  • Shipping and tracking information

  • Direct communication with the merchant team

  • Exclusive deals and discounts

  • Release date calendars for hot SKUs and limited edition items 

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Cloud Store Application


We will contact you within 24 hours after submission

2.What category would you like to integrate ?
3.What are your annual sales?
4.What’s the type of your business?
5. Do you have a US warehouse to deliver the products?
10.Preferred contact method*

Thanks for submitting!

Cloud Store Application
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