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With Beyond since Q1 of 2017—— this merchant has seen steady growth as a result of Beyond's  optimized shipping products and weekly content articles.

Beyond has outperformed our TMall Store and BorderFree shipping into China month over month.

—— VP of International, A Large Dpt. Store

With Beyond we haven't had to worry about China restriction on animal testing for beauty products. We now have a clean, on-brand channel to sell into China.

—— CMO, A California Based Organic Beauty Brand 

Demand for cruelty-free and organic beauty products has outpaced regulatory changes in China. Beyond has created an alternative channel to fill demand. 

We saw large volumes of freight-forwarding traffic from China. We were burned too many times by charge-backs and had to shut these channels down. Beyond has given us a safe alternative to re-engage the cross-border shoppers.

—— VP of Omnichannel, A Large US Apparel Brand

By partnering with Beyond's influencer network and free China shipping initiatives, this brand has been able to enjoy steady growth with a non-promotional strategy. 

Beyond & Everlane: Content Collaboration

Beyond works closely with Everlane's team to create localized, on-brand content with both our in-house and external influencers  (KOLs). Since joining Beyond in December 2016, Everlane has seen steady month-over-month growth.

Localized Content

Beyond App Homepage

Beyond Editor's Fit Guide

Article Content

Product Page

External KOL / Influencer Matchmaking

WeChat Key Influencer ID:“原来是西门大嫂”

Followers:1.2 million

Everlane Post Views: 100K+

Beyond has relationships with over 2,000 Chinese influencers

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