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Our Story

In 2014, three engineering Ph.D.s from Google started BorderX Lab with one mission – make it easy and efficient for shoppers worldwide to buy authentic products at a fair price. 


BorderX Lab has developed innovative AI technology for a seamless cross-border shopping experience. We also assembled a team of in-house influencers to build brands and generate demand. 


Today, BorderX Lab is a global leader in cross-border e-commerce. Our company has over 150 employees in the US and China and over 50 happy merchant partners across the US and Europe. We partner with top venture capital firms in the US and China.






Dec   2 million downloads

Aug   1 million downloads

Jun    BorderX Lab is named Finalist for New Publisher of the Year by Rakuten Marketing and had the highest GMV among all competitors

May  Saks 5th Avenue launches on Beyond's marketplace

Feb   China headquarters opens in Shanghai

Feb   Macy's launches on Beyond's marketplace

Apr    Bloomingdales launches on Beyond's marketplace

Apr     First order made on Beyond and shipped from NYC to Shanghai 

Jan     The APP is renamed 别样(Beyond)

Jan     5th Avenue App reaches 100K product items after one month of operation

Dec     5th Avenue App is live!

Sep     BorderX  Lab Inc. is officially incorporated

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