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Beyond, An Instant Mobile Sales Channel to China.

No mandarin content team, payment integration, or logistics solution needed. We handle it all. Partner quickly and grow sales in the world’s largest ecommerce market.

Influencer Marketing

Beyond works with over 300 China influencers to build sales and deliver new customers to its merchant partners.

Users are driven to the Beyond App where they can easily purchase the recommended  products.


Strategic Channel

Beyond can be used for global product releases from new beauty and fashion lines or as an effective offshore liquidation channel that doesn’t skew pricing in key domestic markets.

Our internal editors develop unique content that helps you meet sales goals.

Users can  search, browse thousands of products offered by US merchants and brands. Users also received personalized recommendations with 100% transparent pricing. Users typically post photos, recommend to others and sharing their feelings about it on the Beyond APP.

Automation Intelligence Interaction

Technology, as part of Beyond’s DNA, automates the end-to-end shopping experience – creating an efficient and scalable platform.

When users order on Beyond’s app, our Orderbot and Trackingbot will fulfill and track orders automatically with high throughput and efficiency.

Our Translation Bot and Writing Bot expedite marketing and product content creation.



International Payment

Beyond enables Chinese payment methods. In China less than 1% of all consumers have an international credit card.

Logistic Service

Beyond  provides best-in-class China shipping by offering both DDU and DDP shipping options.

Routing Bots look at multiple data feeds to optimize domestic and international shipping routes; minimizing shipping time and costs. Users can see step by step tracking information in-app. 



Customer Service

Beyond offers bilingual customer service, including in-app chat. We handle all inquiries – decreasing the burden on merchants and increasing conversion by giving Chinese users a Mandarin language aid that answers pre and post-sale questions.

User only needs two steps

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