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BorderX Lab Launches BieYang, a Mobile Cross-Border Shopping Platform for China

Mountain View, CA, July 15, 2015 — BorderX Lab has launched BieYang, a Mobile Cross-Border Shopping App for China.

BieYang (别样 in Chinese) can be downloaded at BieYang at AppStore

BieYang is a mobile platform for the global brands to connect with emerging Chinese middle-class consumers. We welcome high-quality fashion and lifestyle brands and retailers in America and Europe to partner with us.

BieYang taps into the growing needs of Chinese consumers for authentic, high-quality and affordable luxury products and services worldwide. It also takes advantage of the deep penetration of smart mobile devices in China’s well-to-do and rising middle class, which drives more than 50% of online eCommerce transactions in China to mobile devices.

BieYang has packed multiple technology-driven features into the platform to enable world-wide shopping at Chinese consumer’s fingertips.

BieYang also made it easy for brands and merchants to integrate and reach out to Chinese consumers through the platform.

  • Localized Mobile Contents for China. Product details are localized automatically into Chinese and delivered to consumers in China on their mobile phones for the best user experiences. BieYang will save your localization and mobile efforts.

  • International Shipping to China. BieYang features a shipping solution for delivering to China from North America with many shipping partners included and an intelligent routing algorithm which will choose the best shipping routes and partners depending on customer’s needs and requirements. Merchants on BieYang only needs to ship within North America. BieYang will handle the rest.

  • Co-marketing Solutions with iPinyou Partnership. We have access to more than 15 Billion daily impressions of Chinese audience through iPinyou, the largest programmatic marketing DSP in China. We have also access to 800 Million customer profiles on PC and 500 Million profiles on Mobile Devices in China. We also access China’s booming social media such as Weibo, QQ and Wechat. BieYang will save your marketing efforts in China.

  • Customer Data Ownership. BieYang will provide interface for accessing all customer data with the brands and merchants on our platform. We will also send individual transaction detail information to our partner directly in real-time. BieYang will bring repeat customers for you from China by enabling your CRM.

How do You Contact Us for More Questions or Comments

Please email about any questions or comment related with our mobile platform partnership.

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