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Introducing: ItalyLux and ChinaLux

Most of the time, merchants partner with BorderX Lab and Beyond and bring along their products. But sometimes, we source it ourselves. ItalyLux and ChinaLux were launched on the Beyond shopping platform in March 2022 and July 2022, respectively. Their products differ in origination, and the logistics route taken to the end customer.

Both ItalyLux and ChinaLux are BorderX Lab created storefronts for long-term merchant vendor partners that strived for an established online presence and further exposure. Due to deep API integration with these two vendors, BorderX Lab is able to assist with pricing adjustments, inventory management, and supply/demand projection. By actively having all the inventory and SKUs on hand and at wholesale prices, BorderX Lab is able to more dynamically adjust prices and passing on its benefits to the consumers.

ItalyLux and ChinaLux both originated from Fulfilled By Beyond (FBB). Historically, there were three models of sale: wholesale, pre-sale, flash sale. However, these previous versions also utilized manual integration model, which can result in slower and potentially inaccurate inventory reports. Our deep API integration with Italylux and Chinalux was quick and seamless, with little cost on either parties. Since launch, the total GMV has been over $200k, and only increasing with the upcoming shopping season.

BorderX Lab is also gearing up to launch another storefront, Eurolux. Stay tuned!

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