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Deals Deals Deals! Shop Premium Outlets Joins BorderX Lab Platform

On September 2021, BorderX Lab brought aboard Shop Premium Outlets (SPO) and has completed a thorough API integration into its international shopping platform, Beyond.

Everyone loves a good deal, and SPO delivers on that. BorderX Lab international customers now have access to SPO’s popular brands such as Coach, Adidas, and Fossil, all up to 65% off. Due to COVID, international shoppers who love outlet shopping have been unable to physically bargain hunt at outlets and duty-free stores. Beyond’s shopping patterns have shown that since SPO joined the platform, that treasure hunt craving is being met.

Application Programming Interface (API) integration allows BorderX Lab and SPO to seamlessly exchange data, achieving accurate pricing and better inventory figures. These two factors have led to fewer cancellations, more promotions, and increased customer satisfaction. The API integration between the two platforms was relatively easy, with minimal back and forth cycles between the tech teams.

SPO has been a strong merchant with BorderX Lab right out the gate, with international shoppers flocking to its deals. Over time, BorderX Lab and SPO have collaborated further to broaden the partnership by featuring multiple merchants and better refine prices and promotions.

Leading edge propitiatory technology has allowed BorderX Lab to be a nimble and complete partner for any merchant joining the platform. While other companies may help with marketing exposure, BorderX Lab fosters a much deeper and more valuable collaboration on multiple fronts. BorderX Lab can assist in price comparison with other China platforms, facilitate customer returns, cross-border logistics, and even host live streaming events. All successful partnerships require two interested parties with common goals and fair strategies. Consistent communication ranging from in-person meetings and impromptu check-ins has ensured staying the course. The partnership between BorderX Lab and SPO has so far resulted in spectacular results with forecasted continuous growth.

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