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Beyond Launches BGM - Unlocking China e-Commerce for US and European SMEs

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

BorderX Lab is excited to announce the launch of a new feature in our flagship mobile commerce app Beyond – the Beyond Global Marketplace. The new Beyond Global Marketplace (BGM) is a self-serve platform that offers brands a streamlined onboarding interface to quickly place their products on the app to begin selling to China and beyond.

China currently has the largest e-commerce market in the world, with 40% of its shoppers regularly buying international brands. Our Beyond 别样 App user growth in China is outpacing its overall competitors, and is especially popular with shoppers aged 23 to 32. Beyond 别样 App’s loyal customers browse approximately 25 minutes a day on the app, and spend an average of $183 per order.

BGM allows small and medium sized merchants and brands to upload and maintain their product inventory and orders without outside help. It broadens the China opportunity for U.S. and European sellers that can use extra sales during this difficult retail era.

Getting started is a simple 3 step process: Apply, upload, and begin selling. There is no integration fee, or advertising commitment. The BGM platform is merchant friendly, and will assist with cross-border marketing, payment, logistics, and more so our merchants can focus on offering their high-quality products to the global Chinese consumers.

Step 1: Apply

If your store is already built on Shopify, great! You can simply connect your store with Beyond App within the Shopify marketplace.

If your store is not already on Shopify, no problem! Just email and provide detailed information needed to join the platform. To preserve authenticity, we will have zero tolerance for fake products, and will vet merchants rigorously.

Step 2: Upload

Upload the products you want to begin selling, and our team at BorderX Lab will help review and provide translation if needed.

Step 3: Sell

Once the review process is complete, your uploaded products will be placed onto the app where they will immediately be available for purchase. BorderX Lab will handle the backend processes, including as foreign payments, international shipping, and customer service.

Are you and your brand ready to do business in China and Beyond? Contact us now at to get started!



Q - What are the upfront charges and additional fees for joining the Beyond Global Marketplace?

A - There is a $1000 refundable deposit and a commission of 15% of each sale

Q - Are there additional marketing services for brands that are available for my brand besides listing and search availability?

A - Yes, we offer DSP ads, social media, KOL, and content marketing on an ad hoc basis

Q - Who will be responsible for product returns?

A - We will facilitate product returns from China. You will process returns from us like any other domestic customer.

Q - Who can I contact if I have any questions?

A - You can contact our merchant team via email at and we’ll reply within 24 hours

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