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BorderX Lab is Live on WeChat

WeChat is THE social media messaging app in China. It’s like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and YouTube all rolled into one single application. This massive social media platform touts approximately 1.16 billion daily users, with about 50% of its users in the 25-35 age range.

WeChat has recently introduced WeChat Live, it’s take on the live-streaming role. Albeit, it is a little late compared to other live streaming platforms, but it has shown its success. In March, WeChat Live invited a few select accounts, including “Goddess Evolution” and “She Read (她读)” to test its live streaming. Within two hours of live streaming, “She Read” had more than 11,915 viewers and garnered 1,228 orders, grossing $28,000 (190,000 RMB). Goddess Evolution received 4,212 viewers in the one-hour live broadcast with a conversion rate of 48%.

WeChat Live encourages the “see now, buy now” e-commerce impulse buying model. When a viewer clicks on something of interest in the video, they are immediately directed to the WeChat Mini-Program for product details and easy purchase options.

The registration process for WeChat business accounts can be rigorous, including set-up fees, verification, and authentication. The additional requirements for overseas business are even lengthier, such as acquiring international business licenses or even registering as a Chinese entity to qualify for certain WeChat programs.

BorderX Lab and it’s Beyond 别样 APP has been a mainstay in WeChat, hosting approximately 20k daily page views. Beyond was one of the early users of WeChat Live, and offers our merchant partners the opportunity to be showcased in our livestreams. By participating in Beyond’s WeChat live streams, our merchant partners can increase their reach to potential customers without undergoing the lengthy set up process.

If you and your brand are interested in joining in our next WeChat Live event, contact us today at!

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