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BorderX Lab Partners with COSCO

In March 2022, BorderX Lab and COSCO entered a partnership for warehousing in Hong Kong, customs clearance in Guangzhou, and overall collaboration on cross-border logistics.

BorderX Lab currently maintains partnerships in several warehouses in Hong Kong, allowing for quick B2C customs clearance, and ensuring a smooth transportation plan from Hong Kong to mainland China. Hong Kong has remained an indispensable port during these uncertain times. With the largest airport and a major international hub, freight flights into Hong Kong have experienced lower flight cancellations and changes.

Customs clearance times vary, especially during these uncertain times. Typically, clearance turn around times were 1-2 days, with expedited reporting and physical inspections. However, with the pandemic and increased safety precautions, customs clearance began taking up to a week or more. Having established channels in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, combined with our organization's prowess in adaptation, allowed for streamlined clearance with as little delay possible.

COSCO maintains one of the world’s largest fleets at 1310 vessels and has anchors in ports in over 140 countries. A partnership with such a powerhouse has strengthened our logistical operations, regardless of volatile environments such as when impacted by COVID-19.

Pallets ready to be shipped in our warehouse

Arriving pallets in Hong Kong undergoing strict sanitization procedures

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