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BorderX Lab Partners with JD

Since August 2021, BorderX Lab has been partnered with Jingdong (JD) for warehousing in Hong Kong, as well as established a collaboration as JD’s cross-border logistics vendor.

BorderX Lab currently maintains partnerships in several warehouses in Hong Kong, allowing for quick B2C customs clearance, and a smooth transportation plan from Hong Kong to mainland China. Hong Kong has remained an indispensable port during these uncertain times. With the largest airport and a major international hub, freight flights into Hong Kong have experienced lower flight cancellations and changes.

As JD’s cross-border logistics partner, BorderX Lab offers direct shipping from the US, Uk, and Hong Kong into China with a 9.1% duty for orders generated on both JD platforms and non-JD platforms. BorderX Lab’s services begin the moment packages are received in the warehouses, and are taken care of until the last mile.

Partnering with BorderX Lab’s US warehouses has granted JD’s products to be shipped with lower duties, stable transit times, and convenience. JD’s merchants based in the US are able to ship their products to BorderX Lab’s US warehouse, thereby avoiding a 9.5% US tax. The ability to ship multiple products in large packages allows for easier inventory control and a competitive shipping fee.

JD has established a channel called “US Mall” to offer US products to be imported into China. However, since its launch in 2015, cross-border logistics has fluctuated and undergone massive challenges, particularly into China. BorderX Lab is currently JD’s sole US logistics partner who can offer a tax free warehouse, reducing JD’s potential taxes from 20% to 9.1% for cross-border logistics.

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