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High Quality Merchants + BGM Platform = Great Success

Since launching in April 2022, VP France and LuxuryBeauty have seen unprecedented exposure and success on our Beyond Global Marketplace (BGM) platform.

In the few months since their launch, VP France and LuxuryBeauty have seen astounding number of sale on the BGM platform. Not only did the merchants’ sales quickly reach a sizable volume with continued steady growth since, the breadths of long-tailed and high-end merchandises are also very exciting and encouraging.

Both merchants are now doubling down their effort on Beyond, in terms of inventory depth and breadth, co-marketing spending, and operations investments. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with VP France and LuxuryBeauty

Based in France, VP France and LuxuryBeauty are well-known European cross-border merchandise suppliers for various large e-commerce platforms including T-Mall and JD. Both merchants have great pricing on European and American beauty and perfume products, as well as luxury bags. These two merchants partnered with Beyond to gain access platform that has a large high-quality and loyal user base with high disposable income and an appetite for overseas high-quality products. In addition, Beyond’s highly merchant-friendly platform with a transparent cost structure and platform policies rounded out the partnership.

BGM is a self-serve platform that offers brands a streamlined onboarding interface to quickly place their products on the app to begin selling to China and beyond. BGM allows small and medium sized merchants and brands to upload and maintain their product inventory and orders without outside help. It broadens the China opportunity for U.S. and European sellers that can use extra sales during this difficult retail era.

Joining BGM is a simple 3 step process: Apply, upload, and begin selling. There is no integration fee, or advertising commitment. The BGM platform is merchant friendly and will assist with cross-border marketing, payment, logistics, and more so our merchants can focus on offering their high-quality products to global Chinese consumers.

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