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Live Stream with Beyond!

BorderX Lab was one of the early adapters of WeChat Live Streaming, and has launched multi-weekly stream sessions to showcase products available on our discovery shopping platform, the Beyond APP. The featured items are often hot ticket items from a range of categories and a variety of merchants. Our hosts conduct a lively show full of product comments, recommendations, and viewer interaction.

Since joining the fray of live shows, each of our videos easily garners over 4000 likes, with at least a 30% click-through rate. Our live streams are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and once featured, our merchant partners saw an uptick in their purchases.

Our live streaming allows the “see now, buy now” impulse buying model. That is, once our customers see something of interest during the video, they can click and get immediately redirected to product details for easy purchase options.

China consumers have been flocking to live streams, which is a surefire method to enhance brand recognition and authenticity. To appear during Beyond's livestream, merchant partners just need to let us know which products they would like to put in the limelight. At the same time, their products also get special placements on the app (a two for one!)

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