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Globalize Your SME like the Big Brands without the Big Cost

Taking an SME international bears high upfront costs and lengthy logistical barriers. Many SMEs either don’t have the capital or the connections to take their business overseas. But with all of that untapped potential and profitability, it’s a golden egg too shiny to ignore. We at BorderX Lab are committed to helping SME merchants to break into the international market like the big guys.

Finding an international marketplace and figuring out how to launch a business in that space can be time-consuming and costly. This is why merchants like Macy’s, Footlocker, Urban Outfitters, Zappos and other 100 big merchants have partnered with BorderX Lab. Co-founded by 3 computer science Ph.D.s, BorderX Lab uses innovative technology and marketing tactics to create leading cross-border e-commerce marketplaces for global brands targeting China and beyond.

BorderX Lab has collaborated with big-name companies and ensured that their online presence was visible and profitable. The company has now created the Beyond Global Marketplace (BGM) Self Serve Merchant Center, which aims to help SME retailers build their online storefront and start selling to the international market.

BGM’s ease is beneficial to SMEs in a massive way. SMEs no longer need to build a team to take them to the international market, nor do they need to worry about international logistics or communications. BorderX Lab provides a team of experts that can help SMEs translate product descriptions for the respective market as well as provide customer service. An SME’s online store on BGM can be up and running in less than two weeks. Read our article to find out more about the 3 step process to start your store today.

Q&A with BorderX Lab BGM experts

Q: What is the Self Serve Merchant Center?

A: It’s a new platform developed by Beyond. With this tool, merchants can easily upload their products and sell on Beyond platform to the global Chinese. Within a month, we already have 10 merchants from America and Europe that have joined BGM. These include a sneaker boutique store from Oregon, and fashion boutique stores from America and Italy are up and running on the platform

Q: What are some key features that merchants should be excited about?

A: It’s a self-serve platform suitable for small/medium enterprises. In the past, full integration onto Beyond would be limited to a handful a month, due to rigorous engineering and back-end logistics. BGM reduces the timeframe by giving SMEs more autonomy and personalized control of their online store. If the merchant already has a store on Shopify, they can easily link it with the Beyond App. Merchant partners with BorderX Lab don’t have to be worried about payment, customer service, or logistics. These SMEs are free to focus on creating their high-quality products.

Q: How will this help merchants during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: During COVID-19 pandemic, merchants/brands need to enter e-commerce more than ever. This is a safe and scalable way to sell the products. Unlike offline stores, e-commerce makes merchants much easier to sell globally. Beyond Global Marketplace (BGM) is one of the best platforms that is built for small/medium enterprises. With the help of BGM, merchants can easily sell their products to global Chinese and the international market. We are a mobile only e-commerce platform since more than 85% e-commerce transactions take place on mobile in China.

Q: How do you think the self-serve merchant center will impact the future of how e-commerce operates?

A: Cross-border is the future of e-commerce. 1 out of 5 e-commerce transactions takes place cross-borders. BGM has situated itself to be the leading cross-border platform and will play an important role that drives this change.

Q: How do Merchants get more information/ sign up for BGM Self Serve Merchant Center?

A: Merchants can contact Beyond at We will respond within 24 hours.

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